Shiki Seishi is the Anbu Commander of Konoha and a prized member of the Anbu Team, Scarlet Rose. She's currently training a Genin team with her partner, Itachi Uchiha. Shiki is the only living member of the Seishi clan.

Appearance Edit

Shiki is really nothing special in the looks department, but she bares a resemblance to someone of Uchiha or Hyuuga lineage, due to the skin tone and rather regal prescence. Her wonderfully azure eyes set her apart from both clans though, as neither one has eyes of that color. She's rather observant, and as a result her eyes seem to pierce through her enemies. She usually uses her eyes in conjunction with a few well placed Genjutsu, usually to distract the opponent from the fact that there is a Genjutsu being cast. She has long black hair, which brushes her upper thigh.

She usually wears her Anbu Commander cloak (a black Anbu cloak with a white trimming) and her black Anbu armor; off duty she wears an assortment of clothes, most in neutral colours, with some purple here and there.

She's always carrying her famed sword upon her back; it's a blade made of pure ice, in response to her elemental affinity, it's all she has left of her parents.

Strengths Edit

Shiki excells in many area of the ninja arts, most noteably being within the realms of Medical Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu and Genjutsu. Whilst she doesn't always use Ninjutsu, she has an exstensive jutsu library, which is filled with numerous water, wind and ice jutsu. Shiki has two extremely strong affinities towards both water and wind elements, she is famed, however, for combining these two affinities to make use of Ice (Hyoton) Ninjutsu.

Despite all of these points, Shiki does have a weakness. Her Taijutsu, while good for someone of her standing, is terrible if pitted against a master; the reason for this is because she doesn't have enough physical strength to do any lasting damage. This, among other reasons, is why Itachi was her partner in Anbu, because his Taijutsu prowess more than made up for Shiki's.